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A Charming, Self-Guided Los Angeles Pier Tour

A Los Angeles pier tour is a wonderful, charming way to spend a nice sunny day in LA. There are many piers within LA, but I’m going to cover my three favorites: Redondo Beach Pier, Hermosa Beach Pier, and Manhattan Beach Pier.

Redondo Beach Pier

For my self-guided Los Angeles pier tour, I like to start with the Redondo Beach Pier. One of the reasons is because I love Kincaid’s Fish, Chop, and Steakhouse for brunch. It is delicious and yes, you pay a few extra dollars for the view, but that view!

Arrive a little early and head over to one of the oyster pearl shucking spots. It is a little touristy, but so fun! You pick out an oyster, they shuck it for you ,and you get to keep the pearl inside. It’s always fun to do this with a group and see who gets the biggest pearl. Some people luck out and get two in one oyster!

Redondo beach pier part of Los Angeles pier tour

Then take a stroll on The Redondo Beach Pier. Follow it around and eventually you will end up right next to Kincaid’s! After, head to the fresh fish market where you can try some pay for samples and just be blown away by all the different variety of fish!

Onward to Hermosa Beach Pier!

Hermosa Beach Pier

How much effort you exert during your Los Angeles pier tour is up to you. You can walk to Manhattan Beach which will take you about 40 mins, rent a bike at one of the many locations (bike the Strand!), or take a very short and cheap Lyft ride.

There are many things to do once you arrive. You can of course swim at any of these piers, always a great option! When we were there recently in January, there were hills of sand and kids and adults alike were sledding down the sand hills. I’m from a place that gets its fair share of snow, so it was so fun to watch the LA version of sledding! You can continue down the pier and enjoy watching the surfers and then of course enjoy the view!

View from Hermosa Beach Pier part of the Los Angeles pier tour

Are you getting hungry or do you want a drink? There are so many places to choose out of. My favorite spots are:

Palmilla Cocina y Tequila – the drinks are great, love the food and the service. They also have a nice patio!

Uncorked – This is a wine store and they do tastings. My friends and I can easily hangout here and not even realize an hour or so has passed.

Next up Manhattan Beach Pier!

Manhattan Beach Pier

This is again decision time on how much effort you want to exert during your Los Angeles pier tour. You have the same options; however, this time Manhattan Beach Pier is a little closer, but not by much.

Manhattan Beach Pier houses Roadhouse Aquarium (it’s free!) at the end of the pier! It’s small, but great and a wonderful way to duck into some shade for a little bit.

Sunset over Manhattan Beach Pier

Another unique to Manhattan Beach Pier area? Sand volleyball. Yes, the other locations have sand volleyball, but Manhattan Beach hosts the Manhattan Beach Open every year and houses the Volleyball Walk of Fame.

Each pier and surrounding beach area has its own charm and elements that make it unique, but they all give you that perfect laid back LA feeling. Want an opposite experience? Head of to the Santa Monica Pier on a weekend night. It’s fun, but does not feel laid back. 😊

The tour is done. Great job! You’ve been slowly making your way towards the city of El Segundo. Which is the starting point for The perfect day in LA – Not your “typical” LA day blog post. Check it out and enjoy! Or looking to get out of town for the day? Head to Malibu and have a perfectly, delightful day

Feature photo by Shamia Casiano from Pexels

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