About TravelHive.

Travel planning doesn’t have to be messy and complicated.

TravelHive is a social travel bookmarking and planning tool, inspiring travel lovers to live their travel adventure.

TravelHive simplifies the travel journey by gathering all of your travel ideas in one place. Ease the stress of planning your next trip by bringing together bookmarked websites and recommendations from friends, and coordinate everyone’s ideas within TravelHive.

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Our Journey


We love when we first have the inspiration to visit somewhere new — you know the feeling. We have saved the most incredible images, bookmarked blogs about all the must-dos, and have a plethora of emails with recommendations from friends. We can spend hours … days … OK — weeks imagining all the incredible things we’ll do once we’re there.

But when it comes time to start actually planning a trip, it is always such a struggle to pull everything together. The thing is, we are not alone in this struggle. You, too, probably know exactly what we’re talking about.

My fellow travel enthusiast, we decided it was time for a better way. And now, an even bigger adventure begins — a journey to simplify travel planning so we can enjoy every moment of our travel adventure, from the first inspiration, to planning, to the experience. Welcome to a new way of traveling, my friend. Welcome to TravelHive!



Our Mission

Simplify the travel journey by delivering an intuitive, digital platform that allows travelers to visualize their trips through bookmarking and planning tools, bringing travelers together to share their experiences and exchange guidance.


Our Vision

To empower adventurers to fulfill their wanderlust by simplifying the entire travel journey in order to connect people to each other and the world.