Disney for adults: Monorail pub crawl!

I love Disney and I’m an adult! Many think Disney for adults doesn’t exist. Au contraire my friend! There are so many fun activities that are geared towards Disney for adults. Let’s start with one of my favorites, the Disney World Monorail Pub Crawl!! (Want a fun adult activity for that other theme park? Click here.)

The Disney Monorail Pub Crawl is one of my favorite Disney for adults activities! Some people think the monorail exists to get families from Epcot and the Magic Kingdom to the surrounding Disney hotels fast and efficiently. Well, I say those people are wrong. The real purpose is to safely facilitate a fun night of drinks, friends, and Disney! This is a guide to an unofficial, self-facilitated Disney monorail pub crawl. It is not uncommon to run into others doing the same and grow your group size! Be prepared, some groups come in amazing coordinated shirts.

Let’s start with info about the monorail. Most importantly, it is free! It doesn’t cost anything extra to ride Disney’s monorail, so take it around as many times as you like!

The monorail runs from 7am until one hour after Magic Kingdom closes.

According to disneyfanatic.com, there are three lines:

  1. The Magic Kingdom line – Runs around Bay Lake and stops at: The Polynesian Village Resort, Grand Floridian, Magic Kingdom, Contemporary Resort, and the Ticket and Transportation Center
  2. The Epcot line – Runs to the Ticket and Transportation Center and Epcot
  3. The Express line – Runs along the Magic Kingdom line, but only stops at The Ticket and Transportation and Magic Kingdom

The monorail pub crawl is designed around the Magic Kingdom line. You can really go in any order you want!  Below is the order I usually go, but please alter this plan depending on your dinner reservations, where you are staying, etc.

Quick tip: Monorail breakdowns do happen. It happened to us on our first crawl. Don’t let it ruin your plans. We changed around our stops a little. Hit up the Contemporary first, then walked over to Magic Kingdom and took the Disney Water Taxi. It goes to both The Polynesian and The Grand Floridian as well as Fort Wilderness Resort. You could even add Fort Wilderness Resort as an added bonus stop!

1st Stop The Grand Floridan

Two people simling at The Grand Floridian at Disney World

I just love this hotel. If I could ever afford to stay in a deluxe Disney hotel, this is the one I would pick. When you walk into this beautiful Victorian style hotel you feel relaxed. In the lobby a pianist welcomes you with beautiful Disney music. This hotel feels like what Disney for adults means- carefree, fun, and charming. Most evenings, the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra is playing ragtime, jazz, and popular Disney songs. Live music and drinks? Yes, please!

I like to time this first stop with dinner reservations. There are a few places to choose from at The Grand Floridan, but my favorite is Narcoossees. More on this later.

Upon arriving, we usually head over to The Enchanted Rose Bar. I would say this bar is the perfect example of a Disney for adults version of a Beauty and the Beast bar. It isn’t over the top theming, but has nods to the movie in its furnishings. Some people may want it to be a little more, but for me, this is a perfect balance.

We always like to sit at the bar at each of our stops. This allows us to meet other people and lots of times other Monorail Pub Crawl goers! Some people have rules to what kind of drinks you have to get at each stop. We usually say it is participants’ choice, but we have had rules like- bartenders choice, or the bar’s signature drink.


As I said earlier, I like to time this with dinner. We have our drink (or two) listen to the live orchestra and/or piano and then walk over to Narcoossees, which is on the hotel property.

Also on property is Victoria and Albert’s. This place in an incredible experience. It is Disney for adults to the extreme. Not a great stop for the Monorail Pub Crawl since it is a multiple hour experience. It is one of the fanciest restaurants I have ever been to.

Purple purse on stool
The purse stool!

They brought out a stool for my purse. What kind of place does that?? My purse had its own seat! They also had a menu for what kind of water we wanted from different locations around the world. We just went with tap from good ole’ Orlando, Florida. If you do choose to eat here, pay attention to their dress code (men must wear a dinner jacket and dress pants) and be prepared to drop a few hundred dollars. Back to the pub crawl…

Fireworks time!

There are several stops on the way to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks depending on where you are on the crawl at this time. Fireworks are at different times depending on the time of year. Check out a calendar like Disney Information Station’s to see when they are scheduled for the night of your crawl.

If the timing lines up for the firework show while you are at Narcoosees, they are great at holding your food so you can go out to the deck overlooking the water and watch the show. The music from the show is even played through the speakers so you get the full experience. Since Narcoosees is on the water, you also get a great view of the boat parade. Also, did I mention the food is incredible? Because it is incredible!

Stop #2 The Polynesian

Welcome to the South Pacific! This hotel has some of the most fun and lively stops.

The Tambu Lounge is one of my favorites. I like to make this my 2nd or 3rd stop. I love the before and after dinner drinks crowd it attracts. If we go too late, we miss everyone, but too early and no one has showed up yet. That’s why I like to make it stop #2! People are here to have a good time! My favorite drinks are the Lapu Lapu, a wonderful drink that comes in a pineapple, or the Back Scratcher which comes with, you guessed it, a back scratcher!

Two people smiling with pineapple drinks
Enjoying our Lapu Lapus at Tambu Lounge

Another awesome option is Trader Sams Grog Grotto if you can get in. It fills up and they only allow 50 people in at a time. Give it a try, if you can’t get in, you have a great fall back with Tambu Lounge! Or you could hit up Trader Sam’s Tiki Terrace outside. Many evenings there is live music. The capacity is bigger than Trader Sams Grog Grotto, but not by much. Nothing says Disney for adults like a fun Disney themed tiki bar and Trader Sams is just that. The drinks and ambiance is perfectly themed and provides a great backdrop to delicious island drinks!

A little bit of trivia. Any idea who Trader Sam is? According to, disneyworld.com, “Trader Sam is the legendary “head” salesman who offers you a hard-to-pass-up deal—2 of his heads for 1 of yours—at the conclusion of Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom park.”

Fireworks time!

Again, this depends on the timing of when you visit this bar. If it lines up, join the many people who grab their drink and head down to the Polynesian beach to watch the fireworks! Why not join them?


The two best options are Kona Café and ‘Ohana. You can’t go wrong with either!

3rd Stop The Contemporary

The monorail travels right into this hotel designed with a modern look. There are a few different options here for bars. The Outer Rim is located right outside of Chef Mickey’s. There isn’t much character here. It is open to the main floor of the hotel. It reminds me of an airport lounge or a hotel lobby bar (which I guess it is) but there are good drinks and friendly bartenders.

Two alcoholic drinks
Drinks from the Outer Rim

Another option is the Wave Lounge at the Wave Restaurant. This is my preference. I like the ambiance and the hustle and bustle of people getting their drinks waiting for their dinner reservation or those who are just there to drink, perhaps on a pub crawl too. It never feels too crowded, but enough to add some energy!

People smiling at bar with drinks in their hands
We ran into other monorail pub crawlers. They even had coordianted shirts. We joined forces!


If you are hungry, California Grill is excellent. It is located on the 15th floor of the Contemporary. It also has a bar, but you need to have a reservation to head up to the 15th floor. Be prepared, this bar area gets very crowded.

Fireworks time!

Watching the fireworks from the outside viewing area at the California Grill is amazing. Again, the restaurant does a great job at timing your food so you can go out and enjoy it.

And you’re done!

You have done it! You have crawled or should I say, ridden your way around the Disney Monorail Pub Crawl! Nice work! (Want more Disney for Adult activities? Check out my recommendations for the best Signature Dining restaurants.)

I’d love to hear about your experience or answer any questions you have. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the TravelHive team and contact us.

Cover image by Jeff Leonhardt from Pixabay

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