Medellín Getaway: Guatape

Medellín Getaway: Guatapé & La Piedra del Peñol

Medellín is a fun city with so much to do. But one of the great things about Medellín is that you don’t have to stay put. There are so many great day trips and weekend getaways just a short distance away. One of my favorite trips for a getaway from Medellín is a day trip to a Guatapé and La Piedra del Peñol.

A trip to the colorful Andean resort town of Guatapé and an excursion to climb the 700-ish steps to the top of La Piedra del Peñol for a stunning view of the lakes below, is the perfect way to spend a little time outside of the city.

Medellín Getaway: Guatapé

The perfect Medellín getaway is trip to the charming town of Guatapé. Now a resort town, Guatapé has seen a lot of changes over time. The lakes of Guatapé are new, the result of the construction of a hydro-electric dam in the 1970s. This construction flooded the original town and resulted in a complete change in life for the people who lived there.


As you look around Guatapé, you can’t help but notice the colorful designs on the facades of all the buildings. These brightly painted, ornamental designs are called Zócalos. These 3D designs depict the history of the town, important parts of everyday life, flowers, animals, and landscapes.

Photo from Pixaby by @usareiseblogger

Plazoleta de Los Zócalos

As you wonder the streets of Guatapé you may find yourself at a small square with brightly painted steps. This is Plazoleta de Los Zócalos. It’s a great place to rest, take a photo, grab a coffee, or check out the great little chocolate shop in the corner of the square.

La Piedra del Peñol

Just a short drive from Guatapé is La Piedra del Peñol. From the top of this giant rock is a stunning view of the lakes below. It is around 700 steps to the top La Piedra del Peñol, so it can be a bit of a climb.

There are a lot of stories about the origins of El Peñol. Is it a giant meteor that fell from space or is it a natural rock formation? You’ll just have to make up your own mind!

Are you planning yet?

Planning your Medellín getaway to Guatapé and La Piedra del Peñol is just the start to planning an incredible trip to Medellín, Colombia. But don’t worry, TravelHive has you covered with everything you need to know to about this awesome city in our Guide to Planning a Trip to Medellín. But, if you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the TravelHive team and Contact us.


Cover Photo from Pixaby by @usareiseblogger

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