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Night Paris gives a new perspective

There are many different Paris’. There is Shopping Paris, Foodie Paris, Touristy Paris, Art Paris, Fashion Paris, First-timer Paris the list could go on and on. My favorite is Night Paris.

I had been in Paris for a few days and loved everything about it. I thought the people were nice and helpful (don’t buy into the stereotype that Parisians are rude and unfriendly. I didn’t thus I never ran into any who were. I feel when you travel if you listen to negative stereotypes it is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and I try my best to have no part in it).

The history was almost more than I could wrap my head around and the sights were awe-inspiring. I had seen these places in books since I was young, and to finally be there in person was unbelievable.

I spent my days sightseeing and taking it all in and my nights at restaurants enjoying drinks at the many lovely bars. It was perfect. One evening, I saw a brochure at our hotel for a Night Paris sightseeing tour. Sightseeing at night? I hadn’t considered this before. I immediately talked my friends I was traveling with into taking part. It was a great experience!

Eiffel Tower during night Paris

Seeing the sights I had seen by day lit up in front of the night Paris sky was like seeing it all new again. The first stop was the Eiffel tower and it was perfectly timed so we arrived minutes before the light show, the lights danced and sparkled amongst the tower. We stopped at the Arc de Triomphe (read more about this here), Notre-Dame (pre-fire), Louvre and more. Each of these amazing sights looked so much different than when I had seen them during the day, like lighting illuminating architecture I hadn’t noticed earlier. It felt magical being there at night, less people, a sort of quiet intimacy that isn’t experienced during the day.

There are a lot of tours out there to see Night Paris. They range in price and length of time. You can go by bus, bike, river cruise, and by foot. Here is a good list to start with.

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