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I love to travel, I know, I know, who doesn’t?

I love when I first have the inspiration to visit somewhere new – maybe a co-worker just came back from her safari in Kenya and can’t stop talking about how she was two feet away from a lion or I saw a friend’s perfect Instagram picture of her sipping Prosecco in Florence overlooking Michelangelo’s Plaza at sunset or maybe, it just seems to come out of the blue – life seems to be saying – book the flight, buy the ticket, go!

I can spend hours . . . days . . . okay, okay . . . weeks imagining all the incredible things I’ll do once I’m there – sipping that amazing cup of coffee in Colombia, taking in the awe that is the Cliffs of Moher, or soaking up the sun on the Italian Riviera – this is going to be amazing; I. Need. To. Go. Now. I’m ready.

I have my Pinterest boards with the most incredible images, bookmarked blogs about all the must-dos, and a plethora of emails with recommendations from friends. I’m ready to start planning. I mean, I think I’m ready to start planning, uh … how do I start planning?
This was my experience planning (or attempting to plan) a trip to Europe with a few friends.

“It’s just Europe,” she said, “How hard card this be?” she said.

Turns out, it can be hard, rather difficult – I had so many questions –

“Am I missing something?” “Should I stay here?” “How long should I stay?” “Do I need a visa, vaccines, money?” “Do I buy those tickets now or when I get there?” “Where should I eat?” “How much will it cost me?” “Am I missing something?”

I was overwhelmed to say the least.

Word docs, Excel sheets, emails and messages back and forth, and quite a few stressful days or weeks later and I managed to pull everything together – whew! – but even though I had gotten through the worst, the struggle really killed some of the excitement and enthusiasm I had about my newly planned adventure.
The thing is, I’m not alone in this struggle – I chatted with friends and family who had experienced the same thing. You too, probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

So, I started asking myself a new question –

“Why? Why are we putting up with this?”

Fellow travelers, it is time to say, “No more!”

And so now, an even bigger adventure begins – a journey to simplify travel planning so we can all go back to enjoying our adventures from that first inspiration – mmm, that cup of coffee really does sound amazing right now.
So, welcome to a new way of traveling, my travel friend, welcome to TravelHive!
We hope you will be inspired to join us in finding your inner explorer.

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