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Things to do in Malibu to have a perfectly, delightful day

Looking for things to do in Malibu? You’ve come to the right place! Malibu is gorgeous, stunning, and the perfect day trip from LA.

And that’s just what my friends and I did!

We started with the anchor, The Getty Villa, which is about 30 mins away on a low traffic Saturday from LAX. At busy rush hour? You are on your own. Proceed with caution.

Lunch in Malibu

We decided to leave mid-morning and look for a place to eat lunch once we got there. We found the perfect spot, Moon Shadows. It was about 5 mins away from The Getty. It is right on the ocean, has wonderful views, a great patio, and good food!

Four ladies eating lunch in Malibu

The Getty Villa for Art

When we were considering things to do in Malibu,The Getty Villa topped our list! We knew it had to be the anchor of our day. We headed there after lunch.

Some “plan your visit” info about The Getty Villa:

Admission is free! However, you must get a time stamped ticket to enter, you can do so here.

Parking costs.

The Getty Villa was modeled off of an Italian villa and houses Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities.

The Getty Center is located in Brentwood and houses the rest of the museum’s collections. It is much larger than The Getty Villa and deserves a visit too!

When we arrived at The Getty Villa we couldn’t believe the villa, the grounds, and the views. They were amazing. My friends and I decided to have some photo fun while we were there.

Three women with with statue at Getty Villa in Malibu.


Three women posing at the Getty Villa in Malibu.


Wine in Malibu

Four women drinking wine outside in Malibu.

To end our day in Malibu, we headed to Malibu Wines. This is about a 25 min drive from The Getty Center. The views are again, gorgeous. There was live music, tastings, a school bus, and wonderful weather outside. I highly recommend it. And, oh yeah, the wine was delicious!

Four women drinking wine, posing in a school bus in malibu.


That sums up all the things to do in Malibu to have a perfectly, delightful day!

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Cover image by Denys Vitali from Pixabay

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